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About Us

Shambhala's owner Gloria H. Johnson was born in Los Angeles, California. She lived in Hermosa Beach California until she moved to Oaxaca in 1969, married a fisherman named Tomas in the small town of Puerto Angel and immigrated shortly thereafter. Gloria along with family and friends built Shambhala with determination and a love for nature. Many things have changed, but the land remains the same and is a vortex point for universal energy with a door to the cosmos.

Her brother Daniel R. Ortega has spent many years traveling in Mexico and lived in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato for several years. He now resides in San Diego, California as an artist and bodyworker. He has been involved with Shambhala in one way or another for over 20 years. When he vacations at Shambhala he practices his Rock Yoga and performs Thai Bliss Bodywork.

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a spiritual retreat and earth friendly services for our customers, friends and business partners. We hope you will enjoy our web site and using our services as much as we enjoy providing them for you. We live close to the earth and hope you visit us at Shambhala to experience the sacred elements nature provides.

Our Employees

Employees play an important role in our business and the community of Zipolite. We have helped many families of our community with loans, donations and gainful employment over the years. They have been the pillars of Shambhala, holding it up during difficult times.
   We can hire outside employees with the proper documentation (work permit). Fees for work permit paid by the employee.
Gloria can be a sponsor for someone who is interested in managing her business. A business background is prefered with a minimum work contract for six months.

Shambhala is the perfect place to learn the spiritual lesson of cutting through the material clutter. Learn to simplify your life and return with a new perspective living in the material world.

Shambhala's Meditation Point
"Loma de Celebracion & Meditacion

Our Village

Shambhala is like a communal village nestled on the hillside with its thatched roof huts and adobe like rooms and cabins. We try to conserve the natural resources and make a concerted effort to recycle. Our drinking, shower, and toilet water is a vital resource. All our water is imported by truck druing the dry season and our purified drinking water every day of the year! We have two ecological digestive systems that are non polluting unlike any other sewer system on the beach. Gray water is used to water the palm trees and plants at Shambhala. We ask those who visit Shambhala to please conserve our water sources with a conscious awarness. Always remember to turn off the tap or shower after use, please!

Our  other retreat, "El Encanto"

fronts Rio Chacalapa in the foothills of Oaxaca. This is our enchanted land which is very different from the beach & ocean experience. El Encanto is a moss & furn grown paradise next to the river. Leading from the Chacalapa River through our land is a trail to the top of the sun filled hill with a wonderful view of the river below. It's a natural place to camp and spend the night. Bring your tents and stay a while to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

El Encanto
"Gloria & Daniel"

Write  Daniel R. Ortega c/o Shambhala Vision 

 P.O. Box  45061 Phoenix,  AZ. 85064  

for inquiries about sales or lease of Shambhala Property.

Click on: Daniel_Ortega@Hotmail.Com